Our Company was born more than sixty years ago as a mechanical carpentery.
On a few years the company started to produce gear boxes. Since then gear box, worm gear box, powered gear box and its spare parts and components are part if our qualified production.

Today Riduttori Possamai s.r.l produces:
- Worm gear box
- Gear box "PE MPE" series
- Helical gear box
- Multipier gear box
- Special gear box

The constant R.S. studies brought Riduttori Possamai s.r.l. to acquire all kind of instruments to ensure high quality standard, since the project step.

According to its structure, facilities and know-how, Riduttori Possamai s.r.l. is extremely flexible being able to produce special gear box projected, drawing, and executed to meet your needs.

Riduttori Possamai srl - Via Lavaio Basso 116 - 31040 Selva del Montello (TV)
Tel +39 0423/620588 - Fax +39 0423/879280